Clients and Credits
EcoExist - Elephant / Human conflict resolution film, Okavango Delta, Botswana
Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) Reel

Green turtles sequence, HBO family, USA
Natures inspiration to artist, documentary, ASA Productions, BBC2
David Attenborough - Earth Sciences doc, for Contrapositive
Alesha Dixon, Brown Bears, WSPA, Natural History Museum, iTV Lorraine show
Leona Lewis and the Romanian Bears, documentary
"Ascension Survival", natural history documentary

13 Hours That Saved Britain" History Channell for ASA Productions
"Impact Earth", Discovery HD, Channel Five for Clear Cut Pictures.
"7 Natural Wonders of the South East", BBC2 / PWTV

In search of the Minke Whale with Terry Nutkins in Mull
World Economic Forum, for Lonely Leap, Davos, CBS, CNBS
"Sea Rescue helicopters", ASA Productions
"EC Tapei" Engineering Connections, pre grade online for Clear Cut Pictures
"Learning to fly" skydiving documentary USA
"Second Earth", BBC Horizon, online for Clear Cut Pictures
"Bodacious" cowboy documentary, USA
Sony Classical Music, International - Andrea Kauten

Tim Minchen - Edinburgh Festival
IONA - Documentary
Rosie Marcell and the Romanian Bears
Ski Jumping documentary, Norway

"Vertical Blue", Offline, World Record Freedive, short documentary
Short film 'The Monkey and the Magpie' written by Greg Loftin
Short film "Don't Lose Heart" Doin Ok
Feature Film, "Gangsters Guns and Zombies" LionsGate, Post Production Supervision
Feature Film "Saxon", Sillwood Films
Feature Film "Unrelated", Joanna Hogg, Location Post Production
Feature Film "It Never Sleeps" Post Production

Camera trainer - UK wildlife Film School
Bill Curtis Associates
Turner Media
CA Media Arts, Holland / Germany
Rave Training
My Movies
Peter Williams Television

Guest Speaker - "The Production Show", Earls Court
Guest Speaker - South Korean Film Festival

Botswana (Elephants, Natural History doc)
Eastern Australia (Olympics 2000)
West Coast America (Bull Riding doc)
South Coast America (Sky Diving doc, wing suits)
Ascension Island (Natural History doc)
South Korea (Doc)
Southern India (Doc)
Norway (Doc)
Switzerland (World Economic Forum)
Germany (Doc)
Egypt (underwater)
Romania (doc, Bears)
Mainland Greece
Maldives (underwater)

Cameras and Kit:
HD Cameras, (Sony F5, EX3, HDCAM, FS700, Panasonic 205 P2, Blackmagic, RED Scarlet, One, Canon C300, 5D)
AJA KI I Pro, Jib, track, timelapse, 416, ME66, H4N recorder, formats and codecs, offline and online editing.

Volcanic rock trekking
Rescue helicopters
Sky diving
Underwater - PADI

Post production:
Final Cut Pro
Da Vinch Resolve
After Effects

Edge 2 Edge Films Ltd
clients & credits